The Lightning Rods Mid Drive

Welcome to the online home of Lightning Rods! Now in our third year of production our product line has expanded to include a 1500 watt 'small block', a 3000 watt 'big block', and custom mounting brackets to attach our two motors to almost any type of bicycle.

Coming this year are mid drive kits for cargo bikes, for the popular Qulbix off road bike, and for the Lunacycle cruiser fat bike. Since we are a small custom shop progress here is constant and rapid. Every release of our mid drives includes many improvements and upgrades.

We produce locally whenever possible and ship globally. Our goal is to produce the best possible product at prices that keep them within the reach of as many people as possible. We believe that electric bicycles are the most efficient, economical and fun method of transportation available at any price.

Please feel free to contact us through the "Contact" link above. Online sales are coming soon but for now please contact us for information or sales.

Thanks for your interest!

Mike Backus